Synthetic (Faux) Leather - Care

'Will this (synthetic or faux leather) bag flake?'

'Synthetic leather no good.''

Well, I shall tell you the truth, Synthetic leather definitely will flake over time, BUT there different grades of synthetic leather in the market. Just like calf leather, we have top-grained and second layered calf leather. Top grained calf leather usually high durability and higher cost. Likewise in the market, we have synthetic leather which has a life-span of 20 years and those which lasts for few months.

At MBL, our synthetic leather bags have an average life span of 2 - 4 years, some even lasted me 5 years. 

Not only the type of material used is essential, how you care for your bags during usage is critical as well. In short,

Life-span of a bag = Material Used + Care 

How do we care for our synthetic bags then?
Use your bags often. Because we have natural oil on us. Natural oil will get onto the bag during usage. Easy! Otherwise, apply olive oil or baby oil (some customers suggested unused or overdue facial oil, not too sure about this. You might want to try at a hideous area of the bag) every 3 - 6 months. 

Keep your bag in a dust bag if you know you are not going to use for the next few weeks. Before keeping it in a dust bag, use a dry clean cloth and brisk sweep the dirt off. (If possible, apply with a small portion of bag cleaner cream and gently rub the leather in circular motion). It would be a bonus if you stuff your bag to keep it in shape. Use butter paper and original silica gel given to you 

Alternate or air your bag every 2 - 3 weeks. This is to prevent moulding to occur.

I hope you pick up something from here. :) Drop me a comment here if you have any enquiry or feedback on this blog post. 

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