This time, I will make it right

I've been getting LOTS of feedback regarding our site lately. Be it from Instagram, walk-in customers and those who took time to write in to us, thank you. I am also thankful to my customer-turned-friend gang who constantly 'screaming' at me, telling me to 'UPDATE YOUR SITE!'. Thank you for 'screaming',  I still love you anyway. :D 

I guess it is redundant to write my excuses here anymore (like who will want to know why I didn't update the site, right?). Let's all move forward and see how much we can progress from here.

People around me kept telling me the wonders of Shopify. I then decided to lay my fingers on my keyboard and start doing up the site from scratch. To me surprise, it was THAT USER-FRIENDLY. Thank you, Shopify for making all these possible. Not only it is user-friendly, I can now personalise this site at reasonable rate too. I am super thankful for this platform. They have created so much convenience for me, no more headache when comes to codes and programming. 

Next? My responsibility to make it all work.

Good luck, me!

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